Harajuku Girls’ Milk Military Jacket, Teknopolice Phone Purse & Fur Beret

Here are two girls we met in Harajuku who are dressed in black with colorful accents. The girl on the left with blonde highlights is 18-year-old Saya. She’s wearing a military-style jacket with red lapels and red sleeve trim from Milk with a black top and black chiffon skirt, both from Emoda.

Saya’s cool purse with phone details is from Teknopolice. She’s also wearing black suede platform shoes with bows from Belly Button and a silver necklace from Plasticzooms.

The girl on the right with a black fur beret is Natsuki, a 21-year-old furita. Her outfit includes a black trench coat from Kinji, a black sweater from Emoda and a teal pleated skirt. Her short black boots are from Arrow and she’s carrying a black satchel-style purse.

Natsuki has lightning bolt earrings from the Jpop band Perfume. Her accessories also include a long black scarf around her neck.

When we asked about their preferences Saya told us that her favorite place to shop is Emoda. Her favorite music is by Monica Uranglass and cali≠gari. Natsuki said she also likes Monica Uranglass as well as The John’s Guerilla.

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  1. Sammyswisso

    Sort of clean cut look but with oddities of triangle necklace & bizzare telephone tote ! ~ interesting

  2. I declare myself an absolute fan of the military jacket and telephone bag look.

    And I love the other girl’s lightning earrings ^^