Harajuku Girls w/ Cartoon Print, Colorful Hair, Panama Boy & Betty Boop

Shino and Shizu are two 20-year-old girls we met in Harajuku, both of whom work as shop staff.

Shino is the one on the left with twin buns, shaved sides and a sunflower in her hair. She’s wearing a red t-shirt, which she bought used from Panama Boy (Harajuku resale shop), and resale teddy bear printed shorts from Outside. Her colorful bucket purse is from Big Time. She’s also wearing an M&M necklace, pins, and silver sneakers. She told us Panama Boy is her favorite shop, and that she likes Momoiro Cloverz.

Shizu is on the right with colorful hair and a backwards cap. She’s wearing a comics tank from Topshop with a patchwork maxi skirt. Her Betty Boop bag was bought from a select shop in Shimokitazawa. She is also wearing a star studded cap, round sunglasses, a choker, a Mickey Mouse and a Lego ring, a M&M necklace, and colorful nail art. Shizu’s favorite places to shop are Galaxxxy, she likes Lego, and she’s a fan of K-pop and idol music. You can find her on Twitter for updates.

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  1. Love everything about these looks! The prints, the colours, the accessories! So awesome, the reason why I love Japanese street style so much.