Harajuku Girls in Pikachu, Akira, Spinns, Jeremy Scott & YRU Fashion

Thichan and Murakami are two cool girls who we met on Cat Street in Harajuku after dark. Their colorful outfits – one featuring Pokemon, the other Akira – easily caught our eye!

Thichan – on the left with dip dye twintails and lots of Pikachu – is wearing a Pikachu cap, a Pokemon hoodie dress from Spinns, white tights, Pikachu socks, and Spinns flats. Accessories – some of which came from Park Harajuku – include a Pikachu earring, a face mask, a leather choker, and a Pokemon backpack from Village Vanguard. Thichan’s favorite shop is Gunifuni Koenji and her favorite band is Hachi Ju Hachi-Kasho Junrei. For more info, follow Thichan on Twitter!

Murakami – on the right with the bob hairstyle – is wearing a distressed Akira t-shirt that she bought resale under a Nylon bomber jacket from Spinns, a sheer skirt over stockings that she ripped herself, and black YRU platform shoes. Accessories include a choker, a Manhattan Portage backpack decorated with various buttons/charms, a spike bracelet, and a Jeremy Scott x Swatch wristwatch. Her favorite place to shop is at vintage and resale shops including Chicago and Kinji. She also likes the music of Tokyo Incidents. For more info, find Murakami on Twitter.

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