Harajuku Girls in Matching Pink Shorts w/ Bubbles, One Spo & E hyphen world gallery

These cutely styled girls – with long hair, bangs and matching shorts – are Kanami and Shiori. They both told us they’re k-pop fans.

Kanami – with darker hair on the right – is 18 and a fashion model. She’s wearing a One Spo top with a heart cutout. Her shorts are Bubbles Harajuku and her bag is WEGO. She is also wearing creepers, a watch from Klasse14 and a Justin Davis ring. Kanami likes shopping at Bubbles Harajuku and One Spo, and she’s active on Twitter and Instagram.

Shiori is the one with lighter hair and round glasses. She is 19 years old. Her tops are from¬†Lowrys Farm and E hyphen world gallery while her shorts are Bubbles Harajuku. Her tote bag is from American Apparel and she’s wearing lace-up boots. Shiori also likes shopping from Bubbles, and she’s active on Twitter and Instagram.¬†

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  1. Totally obvious they’re a kpop fan from the Korean inspired makeup! So cute!