Harajuku Girls in Punyus Sweatshirts, w/ WC, WEGO & Platforms

We spotted these two cute friends wearing matching outfits (pair look) in Harajuku.

Haruna is pictured to the left, wearing an oversized Punyus sweatshirt with a WC tote bag (reading “I Love You”) and shoes from the same brand (with emoji socks). She likes shopping at Spinns, WC, WEGO, Punyus, and Onespo. Kis-My-Ft2 is her favorite band, and she is active on Instagram. Haruna is 17 and she’s a student.

Ayaka is 18 and she’s a college student, picture here to the right. She has glasses, a Punyus oversized sweatshirt, a WEGO backpack, GU slip-ons, jewelry and egg socks. She likes the Japanese fashion brands Punyus, WEGO, and Spinns, and she’s a fan of Kanjani Eight. Find her on Instagram for more information.

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