Harajuku Girl’s Remade Overalls, Bow Tie & Soccer Socks

This cute girl with green highlights in her bangs and red lipstick is Yu, a 16-year-old student. She’s put together an eye-catching outfit with items from local used clothing stores and lots of accessories. She’s wearing a patchwork shirt under a dress made from the bib from denim overalls and a Rainbow Brite cartoon fabric skirt, striped soccer socks and black work boots.

Yu’s accessories from Nadia and Spinns include a black bow tie, one of the red cross necklaces that we’ve been seeing a lot of in Harajuku, Pepsi and Lego buttons, a white plastic bangle and two bracelets made from pink patent leather bows and large plastic eyeballs.

Her backpack from Skunk is covered in pop culture buttons and has a toy figure hanging from the zipper pull. Yu told us that her favorite place to shop is Nadia. Her favorite music is by Ginnan Boyz and 9mm Parabellum Bullet. See Yu on twitter to find out more.

Remade Overalls, Bow Tie & Soccer Socks

Pepsi & Lego buttons w/ red cross necklace

Japanese girl w/ green-streaked bangs & red lipstick

Buttons and red cross w/ pink bow & eyeball bracelets

Skunk backpack w/ pop culture buttons & toy

Striped soccer socks & work boots

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  1. She looks so young! She looks about eleven in the closeup; I can’t believe she’s in high school.

  2. she’s so cute it’s almost creepy ! such a doll * 3*)
    the dress is superlovely, I’d love to wear it myself T ^ T

  3. I love her hair, and those bracelets! I’m gonna make them for my doll.

  4. love!!!!!!! she is adorable and i love her outfit!..omg..LOOOVE!!!!!!!!!

  5. The contacts are pretty scary at first, but she looks like an anime character! I love this fashion, but Its hard to get away with it in America, I still do it though!