Harajuku Girls in Resale & Handmade Items w/ Unicorn Accessories

Akane and Ai are two 18-year-old Bunka Fashion College students who we spotted in Harajuku. They were both wearing outfits featuring light colors and feminine touches.

Akane is the one with braided tails, wearing a polka dot playsuit with a resale knitted cardigan on top, and a fur collar around her neck. She paired her white tights with Tokyo Bopper rocking horse shoes and gray legwarmers. Her unicorn earring is from RNA and her necklace is Kawi Jamele. She told us that she likes shopping at The Virgin Mary and RNA, and that she’s active on Twitter.

Ai has shorter, lighter hair, and she’s wearing a sheer tank top over a unicorn t-shirt, with a pink cardigan and sweatpants, most of which are resale items. Her tote bag was bought at the Design Festa Gallery (in Harajuku), while her ring and earrings are handmade. She finished the look with a pink faux-fur collar and Nike sneakers. Find Ai on Twitter if you want to know more about her.

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  1. Love the unicorn earring.
    But I think the fur kinda spoils the girl on the left’s outfit :s

  2. Victoria Moore

    These girls are absolutely adorable, and they’re wearing my favorite colors. They inspire me a lot.