Harajuku Girls w/ Rocking Horse Shoes, The Virgins Top & Strawberry Print

Mana and Ai are 18-year-old specialty students who we met in Harajuku.

Mana is the one wearing all white, with strawberry blonde hair. She is wearing a floral t-shirt from G2? and a cardigan from Wonder Rocket with WEGO shorts. Her nude rocking horse shoes with cross straps are Tokyo Chiip Lovers, worn with over the knee socks from Tutuanna. Her necklace is handmade and her hair pins are from Plaza. Mana told us she likes to shop for clothes and accessories at Nadia and New York Joe Exchange, and that she likes K-pop. Find her on Twitter for more information.

Ai is wearing a gingham and strawberry print dress from Milk over a white blouse from the fashion brand The Virgins. She accessorized with a harness from (me) Harajuku, triangle stud earrings and a heart shaped bag from Milk. Her rocking horse shoes with cross straps are from Tokyo Bopper. Ai told us that Vivienne Westwood is her favorite designer and that she likes idol music. Check out her Twitter profile for regular updates.

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