Harajuku Girl’s Ruffled Kinji Blouse & Maxi Conocoto Skirt

Anmitsu is a 21-year-old self-described furita that we photographed in Harajuku. She’s wearing a ruffled lace blouse from the Kinji resale shop and a long cotton print skirt from Conocoto resale shop. She’s also wearing a white hat and white canvas sneakers from Bunkaya Zakkaten.

Accessories include a spool of thread fastening her braid from ZOOL and a tassel and bow on her canvas Theatre Products bag. Anmitsu told us here favorite places to shop are Fur Fur and Ohta. She also told us that her favorite music is by Yuki.
Kinji blouse & Conocoto skirt in Harajuku

Harajuku girl w/ long braid & hat

Theatre Products bag in Harajuku

ZOOL thread spool hair fastener in Harajuku

Maxi skirt & canvas sneakers in Harajuku

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    Tokyo. The detailed pics 1,3 and are also an issue today on the iPhone 4. I suspect that if I could get it to do the full download process again that it might display the image fully. However the iPhone seems to cache the download as it has loaded all previously viewed pics immediately. I also power cycled my device and ended the app and relaunched to try to refresh the pics. I hope that helps. Btw love the delicate look of this outfit:). The spool hairbow is creative