Harajuku Girls w/ Twin Buns, Sheer Skirts, Cheongsam & Platforms

Nami and Mai are both 18 years old and they’re specialty school students. They were both wearing sheer skirts and twin buns when we saw them in Harajuku.

Nami is pictured to the right, with green highlights in her hair. She is wearing a lace skirt over a resale cheongsam, with triangular earrings. Her backpack was a gift, and she’s also wearing a leather bracelet, an icons bracelet and heeled strappy sandals. Nami is a fan of Sekai no Owari and you can find her on Twitter.

Mai is wearing a Forever21 corset/bustier over a Uniqlo tee, with a striped Heather skirt and a handmade one on top. Her earrings feature seashells and her heeled lace-up boots are from Lowrys Farm. She is also wearing a small backpack and ribbons as bracelets. Mai is on Twitter here.

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  1. What’s the brand of Nami’s shoes? I love it!!!