Harajuku Girls w/ Sheer Skirts, Loafers, Cute Accessories & Lollipops

Yupipi and Asahi are two 15-year-old high school students. They were both carrying heart-shaped lollipops when we spotted them in Harajuku.

Asahi – on the right with a giant bow on her back – is wearing a cropped pastel Swankiss cardigan over a sheer Cameo dress, Candy Stripper ribbon tights, and pastel Candy Stripper platform loafers. Accessories include a flower headband, a 6%DOKIDOKI shooting stars hair clip, a unicorn earring, a lace and pearls choker, and a Disney princesses backpack. She told us that her favorite brand is Harajuku’s Candy Stripper and that she likes the music of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. For more on her life and fashion, find Asahi on Twitter.

Yupipi – on the left with a flower choker – is wearing a Jouetie denim jacket over a Jouetie flower cross top, a tulle skirt, tights, socks with colorful decorations, and chunky loafers from Jouetie. Accessories include colorful hair clips, colorful bracelets, and a hologram backpack from Bubbles Harajuku with Woody from Toy Story inside. Yupipi’s favorite brand is Jouetie and she likes the Japanese boy band Kis-My-Ft2. Find her on Twitter for more pictures!

These snaps were originally published on Vogue.com.

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  1. I love the girl are the left outfit!!! But they both are kawaii