Harajuku Girls’ Street Styles w/ Comme Des Garcons, Faith Tokyo & Remake Fashion

Aoi and Towa are two Japanese teens who are known to frequent the streets of Harajuku.

Aoi – 16 years old old on the left – is a Japanese dancer. She is wearing an H&M t-shirt which she has customized with safety pins, H&M pants, and WEGO sneakers. Her choker is from Faith Tokyo and she’s also carrying a mesh bag. Aoi likes shopping at Kinji Harajuku (resale fashion) and she enjoys the music of alt-J. Find Aoi on Instagram and Twitter to see more about her fashion and dance!

Towa – 13 years old on the right – is wearing a Comme Des Garcons jacket over a resale crop top, resale pants, and Puma sneakers. Her insect-in-glass choker is handmade and her purse was picked up resale.

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