Harajuku Girls Streetwear by Dolls Kill, UNIF, Vidakush, Nakano Ropeway, Pinnap, Banny & Faith Tokyo

While walking on the streets of Harajuku, we met this trio of girls sporting colorful street style ensembles. From left to right, they are Miyuka, Marina, and Marin. They are all 18-year-old students. Let’s take a look at their ensembles:

Miyuka is wearing an all black ensemble consisting of a Dolls Kill cropped see through sweatshirt over a Playboy cropped top, a leather skirt from Forever21, fishnet socks, platform boots from UNIF, and a Vidakush belt chain bag. Her accessories – from Vidakush – include oversized eyeglasses, lip piercings, and a cross choker necklace. Miyuka’s favorite brands are Dolls Kill, UNIF, Pinnap and resale shops and she likes to listen to hip hop and rock music. Follow her on Instagram.

At the middle, Marina is sporting vintage pieces consisting of a leopard print turtleneck top, a blue plaid skirt, striped knee high socks, and white Nike sneakers. Her accessories – some from Nakano Ropeway – consists of colorful hair clips, a pearl necklace, a Pokemon watch, and a red wide corset belt. Marina’s favorite brands are Gucci, Pinnap, Oh Pearl and Funktique Tokyo and she likes the music of Vocaloid and animation soundtracks. Follow her on Instagram.

And at the right, Marin is wearing a vintage knit top, Banny oversized pants, and Faith Tokyo platform shoes. Her accessories – from Pinnap and Vidakush – include a head necklace, sunglasses, hair clips, a choker, layered gold necklaces, a beaded bracelet, and a white belt. Marin’s favorite brands are Pinnap and resale shops, and she listens to the music of Kid Nathan and hip hop music. Follow Marin on Instagram.

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