Harajuku Girls Streetwear Styles w/ Moussy Parka, Spinns Plaid Skirt, Faith Tokyo Camisole, Bubbles Boots & Moschino Backpack

One evening, while taking a stroll along the Harajuku street, we came across Maria and Sachie, teenage students whose interesting street styles easily caught our eye.

Sporting blonde braided hair is Maria, who is dressed in a dark blue parka jacket from Moussy, worn over a black t-shirt and white pocket vest from Never Mind the XU, tucked into a blue pleated plaid skirt from Spinns. The 15-year-old student completed her ensemble with black-and-white striped socks, black boots with grommet straps, and a More Than Dope black sling bag. She accessorized her look with cat eye sunglasses, a spike choker, gold chain earrings, a silver necklace, a silver o-ring belt, and a wallet chain – most of which are from Never Mind the XU. Maria loves to shop at Never Mind the XU, and she likes listening to hip hop music. Follow Maria on Instagram.

At the right is 14-year-old Sachie, whose ensemble consists of a striped sweater layered with a black camisole top, both of which are from ME Harajuku and Faith Tokyo. She styled her layered tops with a black bodycon skirt, donned black knee socks, and slipped into a pair of black platform strap boots from Bubbles. Her accessories – some from DIF – include layered silver necklaces, a studded leopard print belt, an o-ring chain belt, and sunglasses hanging from her belt. In addition, Sachie is toting a black mini backpack from Moschino. Faith Tokyo is Sachie’s favorite fashion brand, and she enjoys western pop music. Sachie is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

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