Harajuku Girls Streetwear Styles w/ Chicago, South Park, Kinji, Healthiboyz, H&M, Little Sunny Bite, Kobinai & Yosuke

While taking a stroll along the streets of Harajuku one early evening, we met Yumi and Mai, two students whose eclectic streetwear styles easily caught our attention.

At the left sporting a fringed bob with twin tails, Yumi is dressed in a blue tie dye South Park t-shirt, which she tucked into blue-and-purple plaid drawstring pants from Kinji and held up with white Healthiboyz suspenders. White socks, black patent leather baby doll shoes from H&M, and a blue handmade mesh-patterned waist bag with stickers, a mouse keychain and a Tamagochi completed her look. 17-year-old Yumi’s fashion favorite is Club Sexy, and she likes listening to the music of Sushiboys. For more on Yumi, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Mai – a 16-year-old student – stepped out in a blue button down shirt with floral prints from Chicago, resale loose orange cuffed pants, yellow socks and white Yosuke platform sneakers. An orange patent leather sling bag from Little Sunny Bite, red heart earrings from Kobinai, and a handmade sun visor decorated with stickers finished off Mai’s style. Mai lists Little Sunny Bite and Kobinai as her favorite fashion brands, and she is also active on Instagram.

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