Harajuku Girls Streetwear Styles w/ Green Bangs, M.Y.O.B., Never Mind the XU, Mary James Plaid Skirt, Prada Backpack, Another Youth, D&G, New Rock & Demonia Boots

Catching our eye with their color-coordinated black, white and green streetwear styles on the Harajuku street are Kaede and Popochan.

Sporting green bangs at the left is Popochan, clad in a black leather jacket, an M.Y.O.B. colorblock turtleneck shirt and black denim pants with a drawstring waist. New Rock platform leather shoes, Never Mind the XU accessories such as black heart stud earrings and a silver ball chain necklace rounded out her monochromatic style. In addition, Popochan is wearing a Prada backpack.

Meanwhile, Kaede stepped out in a black-and-white colorblocked turtleneck jacket from Gules, which she tucked into a green plaid Mary James asymmetrical skirt. She donned white ribbed socks, stepped into platform suede boots from Demonia and accessorized with multiple silver stud piercings, a single hoop earring, a silver ball chain pendant necklace and a black leather necklace. Her accessories are from Faith Tokyo and Another Youth. In addition, Kaede is toting a black leather D&G crossbody bag. Kaede loves to shop at Faith Tokyo, which her musical picks include Chanmina, Generations and Fantastics. For her social media updates, follow Kaede on InstagramInstagram.

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