Harajuku Girl’s Striped Trapeze Coat, Vive Vagina Tights & Dolce Vita Handbag

Tokuda is a 19-year-old student who’s put together a striking outfit with flea market finds that include a striped plush trapeze coat, a short skirt and a graphic black-and-white sweater. Her edgy tattoo tights are from designer/model Si Oux’s Vive Vagina brand (we photographed a similar pair on another stylish girl recently in Harajuku). Her unusual black shoes with ankle straps are from Korea.

Tokuda’s accessories include a black vinyl studded beret, handmade cubist earrings and a chair necklace with cross pendants from Nadia. Both her clear rings and her gold charm bracelet were gifts. Her colorful Dolce Vita handbag was borrowed from her mother.

When we asked Tokuda about her favorite place to shop her answer was Mouse. She also told us that her favorite music is by Morning Musume. If you read Japanese you can follow Tokuda on Twitter.

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  1. I just have 2 words 2 say———————-VIVE VAGINA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ikuikuiku

    Her shoes are by SEISEN
    Google “mickey head ankle strap platform wedge”.

  3. like everything including the somewhat smug stare-down

  4. She has a very Geometrical style going on here, very nice! :)