Harajuku Girls w/ Tulle Skirt, Colorful Makeup, Minnie & SpongeBob

Here are two fun girls who we met on the street near Spinns Harajuku. The girl with the crown’s colorful makeup is the first thing that caught our attention.

The girl on the left is wearing a sweatshirt that appears to say “Duck Off!” over a red tulle skirt, stockings, and Converse-style love-print high top sneakers. Accessories include her cute crown, a pink bear hairclip, star stickers under her eyes, a school uniform-style collar, a plush Mickey Mouse charm, a Minnie Mouse ring, and a large SpongeBob Squarepants purse.

The girl on the right – with the lavender hair – is wearing a long denim shirt/jacket (trendy in Harajuku right now) over a hoodie, a skirt, white stockings, and pink rocking horse shoes. Accessories include a Barbie necklace, a plush charm, ruffle socks, and a kitten-print canvas bag from Nadia Harajuku.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Her purple-ish hair is so cute! I love the little knots.

  2. The left girl wears too much make up.It looks scary! But I like the hair color of the right girl!

  3. Girl on the left — too much make-up, but besides that both of their styles are fabulous, playful and adorable.

  4. Still trying to find a smiliar denim jacket.. and those shoes, and those socks, and her tote bag and her lovely hair! *_*