Harajuku Girls w/ Faux Leather Skirt, Disney Tights & Heart Jewelry

Chiaki and Chun are two friends who were shopping in Harajuku when we stopped them for a few snaps. They both looked cute and feminine in their miniskirts and lace-up shoes.

To the left we have Chun, a 22 year old graphic designer. She is wearing an azure blue dress over a lace top from Shu Shu, with a black bow belt. Her canvas bag with rope handles is Gelato Pique. The studded black and white oxfords are from Dazzlin’ and she wears them with ruffle lace socks. Her accessories include a heart and arrow necklace and a triple heart ring that says “u love me”, and they’re all resale. Chun’s favorite music is Hello Project and you can find even more about what she likes on her official blog.

Chiaki is the same age as Chun and she’s employed with a company. Her lilac T-shirt reads “lately” and it’s from Candy Stripper. She wears it with a buttoned faux-leather skirt and a pair of Mickey Mouse comics tights. Her heart tote bag and her white platform Converse are both from Nadia. She wears lots of neon pink accessories, such as a knitted Neon Soda cap (neon beanies have been a trend in Tokyo this summer), a triangle ring or a pair of socks, some of which are resales. We also noted her love dove pendant necklace and her dark red twin buns. Chiaki loves to shop over at Jouetie and Candy Stripper.

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  1. Little Red ♥

    Shoes , socks and ring on the girl in blue dress , are fantastic < 3
    And that Mickey Mouse tights on second girl …. soo cute ♥

  2. Animegirl2014

    Totally gonna steal the second girl’s look. So cute!