Harajuku Girls w/ Cute Hair Bows, WEGO, Spinns, ANAP & Onespo

These cute students are Marin (14) and Airi (15), and we met them on the streets of Harajuku.

Marin is the one with longer hair, dressed in dark colors. She is wearing a WEGO t-shirt, skirt and coat, with a Spinns backpack and faux fur shoes from WEGO. Her accessories – a bow headband and heart necklace – are from WEGO and Claire’s. She told us that WEGO and Spinns are her favorite shops. Follow her on Twitter for updates.

Airi is the one in lighter colors, wearing an ANAP coat with a Onespo cat sweater and WEGO dress. Her blue backpack is MCM, her lace-up boots are LDS, and she’s wearing strawberry bows in hair. Airi’s favorite shop is WEGO, and she’s a fan of Katy Perry. Find her on Twitter for more info.

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