Harajuku Gothic Lolita w/ Fashion by Chante, Axes Femme & h.NAOTO Gramm

Ruru is a fashion creator who we often see around the streets of Harajuku. She was last featured on our snaps in April wearing a handmade Gothic outfit of her own creation.

Ruru is wearing a dark Gothic Lolita ensemble featuring a lace dress and corset of her own brand, Chante, a leather handbag from Axes Femme, and leather platforms she bought at a shop in Harajuku. Her accessories include a handmade lace headdress, flower and feather statement earrings, teeth choker, lace gloves, and a white stole from h.NAOTO Gramm.

Ruru’s favorite brands/shops are h.NAOTO and Dangerous Nude and she loves listening to rock and classic music. Follow Ruru on Twitter for her social media updates.

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