This is Alumi, a fan of the gothic Japanese fashion brand h.Naoto who we often see around Harajuku.

Alumi is wearing a gothic lolita outfit with a Frill dress and top paired with a h.NAOTO Blood jacket. Her purse is from Artherapie and her heeled brogues are Yosuke. She is also wearing a corset from h.NAOTO Steam, a Hangry & Angry headdress and a ruffled parasol.

Alumi’s favorite shop is h.NAOTO and she’s a fan of T.M.Revolution. You can find out more about her and see more of her outfits on her blog.


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  1. Wooow. Amazing style.:)
    Greetings from Poland.:)

  2. it’s amazing that she had time to actually put together this amazing outfit and put it on her self, that looks like a workout to put on