Harajuku Guy Wearing Christian Dada & American Apparel w/ Clutch & Creepers

This is Taiga, a stylish 17 year old student we met in Harajuku. We really liked his look, so we stopped him for a few snaps and a quick chat. This is what he told us…

Taiga is wearing a long sleeve top from the Japanese brand Christian Dada with a pair of navy pants bought from American Apparel. His simple clutch is also from Christian Dada (which is his favorite brand). Taiga is also wearing studded loafer creepers, a leather cuff and three metallic rings. He’s got his hair parted and partially shaved, revealing four small stud earrings.

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  1. ますみ

    Oh my! He’s so handsome, and his choice of clothes are amazing! He could be a model!

  2. His hairstyle looks impeccable and goes really well with the elegant shades from his outfit. By the way, he has such small ears , sooooo cuuute .
    (o ♥ ___♥ o)

  3. he’s so intense and cool looking~ very handsome! plus I love love love his earrings!

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