Harajuku Guy’s Furry Hat, H>Fractal Top, Oversized Jacket & Sarueru Pants

Here’s a guy with a one-of-a-kind look who we met near LaForet Harajuku. His hugely oversized – and uniquely tailored – black jacket is what first caught our attention when we spotted him walking along Meiji Dori.

His all-black outfit features a triangle-print top from the Japanese brand H>Fractal (which has a shop inside of LaForet, near where we met him), the amazing oversized black jacket that first caught our attention, black sarueru (drop crotch) pants, and black distressed creepers. Accessories include a black furry hat, round glasses, a zipper muffler (unless that’s part of the jacket), several earrings (including one that could be a Pacman ghost?), a silver cross ring, a skull wearing a crown ring, and a couple of other silver rings. He was also carrying a large black bag, which you can see on the ground in the first photo.

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  1. I think I’ll be the first (maybe only) to say he looks a bit ridiculous with being swallowed by baggy clothing XD

    I like his rings and shoes. <3

  2. no shelley, you’re not alone! first thing i thought when i saw his face was “he is so cute~ BUT he’d look so much better if not for…”. i’m not a fan of the jacket and the pants worn in combination, they’d probably look better worn separately imo.

  3. If he wore baggy jacket, it’d be better to wear skinny jeans in combination with it, or ‘baggy jeans-tight jacket’. And definitely not that big bag with it. Cap goes pretty well with that jacket!

  4. This is amazing. I am in love with everything about it; the clothing is stunning, the accessories are beautiful and this man is very good looking. Keep it up! I love this outfit. It is one of my most favorites on this website.