Here’s a couple with some fresh springtime style. The cute girl on the right is 23-year-old Hiyu, a staffer at Big Time Shimokitazawa. She’s wearing a lace-trimmed white robe from New York Joe with a green gingham skirt from Big Time. Accessories include a vintage tapestry purse, a decorated straw hat, pastel plastic bangles, a bead bracelet and three rings.

The cool guy in the left is 25-year-old Tomoya (aka 10MO8). He has appeared here several times in the past, including here and here. He currently works on the staff of Grapefruit Moon. Tomoya is wearing a pink leather jacket, white shirt and red gingham pants. Accessories include a 60s-inspired white belt, a burgundy handbag from Alfredo Bannister, a large paisley ring, an ornate silver key on a chain around his neck and his signature white-framed sunglasses.

You can follow Hiyu on Twitter and see more street snaps on Tomoya’s website.

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  1. Sammyswisso

    cool pants on guy & she has ichiban hair & hat !

  2. That ornate silver key is really cute
    I really want one!

  3. That dress is amazing. Those shoes are adorable in an understated sort of way.