Harajuku Guy in Faux Fur Hat, Graphic Top, Floral Pants, & Rainbow Striped Bag

We stumbled upon Tsubachun, whose eclectic combination of bold colors and patterns caught our eye in Harajuku.

Tsubachun is 23 years old and works in the apparel industry. He wore a GR8 graphic sweater and green satin floral pants from Kobinai. Tsubachun continues the floral motif with Dr. Martens black leather lace-up shoes adorned with roses. Strapped on one shoulder is a fuzzy rainbow striped tote bag from Kobinai. He finished off his look with a black faux fur hat, a silver chain necklace, and multiple silver earrings. Tsubachun’s accessories are from Kobinai and Chanel.

His fashion favorite is Kobinai, while his favorite musical artist is Big Bang. Follow Tsubachun on Instagram.

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