Harajuku Guy in Floral Streetwear w/ Takeo Kikuchi, Tommy Hilfiger & Kenzia

Blond-haired Tatsunosuke brought a dose of schoolboy charm on a casual day out in Harajuku.

The 16-year-old student donned a vintage blue zip-up jacket adorned with purple flowers. He wore it over a crisp white button-down top from Tommy Hilfiger, which he styled with a teal necktie with floral print from Takeo Kikuchi. Tatsunosuke also wore vintage purple patterned pants and vintage black leather shoes. He finished off his look with a black newsboy cap and a Kenzia leather crossbody bag.

Tatsunosuke likes shopping at San To Nibun No Ichi and listening to music from My Hair Is Bad. For more on Tatsunosuke, follow him on both Instagram and Twitter.

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