Harajuku Guy in Kinji Embellished Top, WEGO Rainbow Shirt, Vintage Skirt, Kansai Yamamoto Bag & Vintage Red Boots

Brightening up the streets of Harajuku was Kiku, who stepped out in rainbow stripes and shiny red shoes.

The 16-year-old student turned heads with his cropped purple and yellow hair and his colorful ensemble. He donned a black embellished tank top from Kinji over a WEGO long-sleeved shirt with rainbow stripes. Kiku also wore vintage red boots with block heels and a vintage asymmetrical skirt in varying shades of blue. Strapped on one shoulder is a brown leather printed backpack from Kansai Yamamoto.

Kiku’s favorite fashion brand is Balmung, and he enjoys listening to music from kZm. For more on Kiku, follow him on Instagram.

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