Harajuku Guy in Suspenders & Gold Boots

This ultra-fashionable blonde Japanese guy was photographed near the X-Large shop in Cat Street in Harajuku. He is wearing sunglasses with thick white frames, a white button up shirt, some kind of half attached denim overalls with red suspenders, and gold Dr. Martens looking boots. He is also wearing a single dangling gold earring, a beaded necklace, and two pins – Superman and the Union Jack – on his overalls. His bag choice is a backpack.

Harajuku Guy in Suspenders

Harajuku Sunglasses

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  1. “kind of half attached denim overalls” Looks to me like he’s wearing a denim jacket on his legs!

  2. hey hey hey!!! love this one!!! love the denim!

  3. Wait did he make his jean jacket into overalls…

  4. Yup, that is definitely a denim jacked he is wearing as pants. I recognize this since I used to do the same thing with a fleece pull over when I was a kid…who knew I was so fashion forward at that age :p