Harajuku Guy w/ Pink & Yellow Hair in 6%DokiDoki, Milkboy, RNA & Dress N Dazzle

This is Junnyan of Harajuku Kids and Harajuku Fashion Walk. He has pink and yellow hair and is wearing a pastel outfit.

Junnyan’s jacket is from 6%DokiDoki, his striped sweater is Milkboy and his patchwork pants are RNA. His cartoon print backpack is from Dress N Dazzle and his sneakers are New Balance. 

Junnyan told us 6%DokiDoki is his favorite shop, and that L’Arc~en~Ciel is his favorite band. Check out his website for more info! 

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  1. Tamashii

    everything junnyan wear is awesome. epic and iconic. a true fashion legend.