Harajuku Guy w/ Red Hair, Purple Uniqlo Jeans & Chippewa Boots

Shun is an 18 year old technical school student with red and blonde hair who can’t go unnoticed.

He is wearing a resale striped shirt with a tie and Uniqlo purple jeans. His coat, also a resale, is made of denim. He’s got piercings in his ears, and is carrying a resale braided bag. His brown leather lace-up shoes were bought from Chippewa.

Shun mentioned that Chippewa is actually his favorite place to shop. He also told us that he’s into Spyair, One OK Rock and UVERworld. You can find him on Ameba if you want to get to know him better.

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  1. I like his style. It’s nice when they find boys to put pictures of. :3