Harajuku Guy w/ Tiara in Colorful Hair, Hello Kitty, Piercings & M&Ms

Kanata is a friendly 19-year-old student whose colorful fashion and hairstyles often catch our eye in Harajuku.

He has partially shaved hair with green bangs and colorful pompoms and hair pins. His face mask features a strawberry print. His Hello Kitty jacket is from Kinji, worn over a M&M print t-shirt. He is also wearing high waist sheer shorts over colorful leggings, a yellow muffler, knitted gloves, earrings, a yellow backpack and Reebok sneakers. He told us his accessories are Candy Stripper.

Kanata is a big fan of Depagumi.inc. To find out more about him, visit his Instagram or Twitter accounts.

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