Harajuku Guys w/ Buffalo Flatforms, MYOB, Pin Nap, Dog & Nikki Lipstick

Many of you already know Yana and Shoshipoyo, two stylish guys we often see around Harajuku.

Yana – pictured to the left with white hair and a fuzzy bucket hat – is wearing a sweatshirt from Dog Harajuku with ripped jeans from Pin Nap and Buffalo flatforms. His pink tote is from Nikki Lipstick, and his necklace, ring and earrings are Pin Nap. His favorite brand is W.I.A and his favorite singer is Miliyah Kato. Visit Yana’s Twitter and Instagram profiles for more details.

Shoshipoyo is a fashion business student, and he’s 18. He has long, pink braids and a furry hat. His colorful sweatshirt is from Pin Nap and his skull boxing shorts are from Dog Harajuku, worn with fishnet stockings and Buffalo flatforms. Shoshipoyo’s clear plastic backpack is from Dog Harajuku. He’s also wearing an oversized earring from MYOB, a necklace from Pin Nap and armor rings. He told us his favorite shop is AMPM Studio (in Taiwan) and that he likes Rihanna. He also available on Twitter and Instagram.

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