Harajuku Guys in Christian Dada, Plastic Tokyo, Anrealage & Air Jordans

We met these two 17 years old guys – both with clutches and jeans – on the street in Harajuku.

To the right is Ryo. He has orange hair and is wearing a shirt from Mishka with a jacket from Plastic Tokyo. His ripped jeans are from Bershka, his clutch is Louis Vuitton and his sneakers are Nike Air Jordan. He accessorized with rings and a chain necklace. Ryo’s favorite shop is Plastic Tokyo and his favorite band is UVERworld.

Natsu is a student and he’s pictured here to the left. He is wearing a green biker jacket from 666 over an Anrealage t-shirt and Christian Dada studded jeans. His black and white lace-up boots are Dr. Martens and his accessories (triangle earrings, silver rings) are resales. Natsu likes shopping at Midwest and listening to Block B.

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  1. Candice Watson

    I love the hair, outfits, accessories

  2. I..I think they meant to say the group Block B, not Black B..

  3. @Moose Thank you, you’re probably right! It’s been corrected in the post. :-)