Harajuku Guy’s Goth Piercings, Shaved Hair & Long Braids

This guy with long braids and partly shaved hair is Yune, a 21-year-old fashion college student. He’s wearing a vinyl jacket from Milk Boy with a jersey top from Gadget Grow and Uniqlo pants. His bag is made from woven leather.

Accessories from include a silver goth necklace and two goth rings, a black pendant, an ear plug, a variety of earrings and multiple face studs.

Yune told us that his favorite place for fashion is Laforet Harajuku. His favorite type of music is visual kei and rock and his favorite group is L’Arc〜en〜Ciel.

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  1. As soon as I saw him I thought, “his hair is done like hyde!”
    Yay for fashionable L’Arc fans!!

  2. Nyappy_Cafekko

    Am I the only one that thought that he had gorgeous hands? XD

  3. @Nyappy_Cafekko , I completely agree with you! ^^