Harajuku Guys in Cosmic Wonder, Hiro & Vintage Flannel

Here are Kazuya and KKK, two cool students that we photographed in Harajuku. On the right is Kazuya, who’s 16 years old. He’s wearing a hoodie, jacket and vest from Cosmic Wonder with a tie dyed shirt and matching shorts from Hiro. He’s also wearing skinny pants and suede shoes in shades of gray.

Accessories from Aquvii, Vivienne Westwood and other shops include a gray felt hat, a bandana headband, a skull ring and a signet ring. His canvas bag is from Cosmic Wonder.

Kazuya told us his favorite fashion source is Cosmic Winder and his favorite music is by Judy and Mary, Queen and Guns N’ Roses.

On the left, 15 year old KKK is wearing a flannel shirt from a vintage shop with a graphic t-shirt and paint-spattered white pants. His black shoes, which are decorate with studs and silver crosses, are from George Cox.

KKK’s accessories include a canvas hat, glasses with clip-on shades and a pocket watch on his backpack. His jewelry includes a gold necklace, some unique rings, a gold spike bracelet and a vintage wrist watch. His backpack features shredded cotton decoration. He also has a couple of coin purses hanging from his belt and a leather carryall wrapped around his leg.

KKK said his favorite fashion sources are BXH, whiz limited and Blackmeans. You can follow KKK on Twitter.

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  1. Love both guys! So many little added accessories really pulled the outfits together. :)

  2. Is it just my impression, or japanese kids look like they’re young adults?
    Great style, by the way.