Harajuku Guys in Handmade Fashion & Marc Jacobs

We photographed these two colorfully dressed 18-year-old Japanese guys on the street in Harajuku. Both of them are wearing outfits made mostly of handmade and resale items – and they are carrying nearly matching Marc Jacobs handbags. Ryuma, on the left, is wearing all handmade and/or resale items, except for some of his accessories, which are by John Galliano and Christopher Nemeth. Beside him is Koaki, who has made almost his entire outfit himself.

Ryuma’s favorite shops/brands include Mikiri Hassin and the famous Dog boutique in Harajuku. Koaki also likes Mikiri Hassin and he added that Christopher Nemeth is one of his favorite fashion designers. As far as music, Ryuma likes The Pillows and Koaki listens to Shinpei.

Click any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Note: This update is from a series of street snaps that were taken in the summer for a print magazine. The magazine didn’t need all of the photos, so we are running the remaining snaps here on Tokyo Fashion. Some of the styles may be more Summer than Fall, but they have never been seen before and we didn’t want them to go unpublished.

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  1. Sick sunglasses <3 <3
    Very unique and random style but i see a sex appeal :P

  2. I love that cape like thingy by the guy on the left <3
    and the right guy's glasses remind of the one that Aiba Masaku (arashi) tried at mannequin 5