Harajuku Guys in Monochrome Fashion w/ Fred Perry, Margaret Howell, Kleman & Acne Studios

While on the Harajuku street, we met 19-year-old Rintarou, a popular actor and Noboru Sakamoto, a 21-year-old cafe staff. They caught our attention with their monochrome fashion styles. Let’s take a look:

At the left, Rintarou is wearing striped button down shirt from Fred Perry, black pants from Margaret Howell, Kleman loafers, and a grey backpack, also from Margaret Howell. His accessories include eyeglasses, a belt, and headphones. Rintarou loves the brand Fred Perry. Follow him on Instagram!

Meanwhile, Noboru’s ensemble consists of a black button down shirt over a white shirt, cropped tan pants, and platform creepers, all of which are from Acne Studious. His accessories include silver rings and a mini leather sling bag. Noboru’s favorite brands are Faline Tokyo, Acne Studious and Ikumi. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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