Harajuku Guys w/ Blue Hair, Jeremy Scott, Long Clothing, Dominic Jones, Dog & KTZ

We met these two blue-haired guys in Harajuku and stopped them for a few snaps. We found out that their names are Yana and Shoshipoyo.

Yana – pictured to the right in the monochrome outfit and darker blue hair – is 21 years old. He’s wearing a tank top from Long Clothing over a mesh top, with black shorts. He accessorized with a KTZ horns beret, Ray Ban sunglasses, silver earrings, a choker and a bones necklace from OS Accessories, a Dominic Jones ring and a Nike wristband. He told us his Converse with rocking horse platforms were custom made. Yana’s favorite places to shop are W.I.A., Dog and Pin Nap, and he’s a Miliyah Kato fan. Find out more about him from his Twitter and Instagram.

Shoshipoyo – one the left with aqua blue hair – is an 18-year-old student. He’s wearing a colorful keyboard print sweatshirt from Jeremy Scott and a matching bag with Disney princesses pants from Dog Harajuku. His accessories include star stud earrings, facial piercings, a Mercedes Benz necklace from Pin Nap, a Vivienne Westwood armor ring and the same Dominic Jones ring Yana is wearing. His platforms are Buffalo. Shoshipoyo told us that KTZ and W.I.A. are his favorite brands, while Dog Harajuku is his favorite shop. His favorite singer is Brooke Candy, and he’s active on Twitter.

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