Harajuku Guy’s Map Cap, Boy Bag, Uniqlo Pants & Snood Scarf

This is Taiga, a 15-year-old student we met in Harajuku. He’s wearing a white shirt, plaid monomania jacket and drop-crotch pants from Uniqlo. His creeper shoes are from Shibuya Frontier.

Taiga’s accessories include a snood scarf (also from Uniqlo), a colorful fanny pack from Boy worn around his neck, a cap with a map print and a couple of earrings (including one from Vivienne Westwood).

When we asked about his favorite fashion source and music, Taiga’s answers were Boy and lyaz.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. nice nice :) and so cool !!!! i live in Ukraine look please in your cap Germany Poland and right site my country Ukraine ha ha and i like you :) supper boy What is your name ???

  2. Map hat! Brilliant! And I LOVE the way he’s wearing that fanny pack. Suddenly, I really want one. XD
    And his shoes! I wish guys would dress like this in America. This is such a stupid, homophobic country that if a guy dresses differently everyone is like “OH EM GEE ARE YOU GAY GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!”

  3. cute guy with awesome style wad’s nt to love -)

  4. Great style! I like his jacket, pants + earring. He’s cute too :)

  5. OMG his only 15?
    be my boyfriend <3 kyaaa~

    his so cute!
    And he has such an amazing style

  6. love the shoes +earrings and wow he’s very handsome*q*…

  7. Succubus1982

    Ooh hello there….. what a pretty face. And the clothes are very original I love the colour scheme. Very imaginative. And wearing the bag that way, inspired!

  8. so true lurker. You just gotta do you and screw the haters. Eventually people stop caring because they see your gonna be who you are no matter what. For example: Im a singer and when I perform I wear boots and heels just cuz I like them and I dont see them as a womens label. I just see them as shoes. point blank. The only label I choose to accept is the one I was given at birth. My name.

  9. Just wow .
    It’s all so balanced and matching and when i just saw him i was like “ohmygodit’ssooooocool” xD
    And VW earring … i really really WANT ONE .

    And he’s 15 ? Really ?
    Looks older to me , like … 17 maybe .

    lovelovelove it <3

  10. OMB he’s soooooo cute and 15 no way!!!!how on heaven and earth is that right hope he has a younger brother.!!! ;p Anyway I like the style and how it matches so well!!!!!!!

  11. Haha Netherlands exactly in the middle of the hat, Well come to my house to teach me some of your fashion sense OTL, He´s so cute ^3^

  12. nice… love his style and he’s cute too… i hope my younger brother as stylist as him… ermmm…

  13. his is very very cute and adorable,, style too *.*

  14. omg i think his earing is based on nana o’s from the anime nana i just love his whole outfit! :D