Harajuku Guys in Monochromatic Fashion & Dog Harajuku Boots

These two students caught our eye in Harajuku, with their stylish all black outfits and round sunglasses. Meet Yuma (right), who is 17, and Yoshiyuki (left), who is 18.

Yuma is wearing a dark denim shirt from Dog with distressed skinny jeans and a sheer overcoat from Uniqlo. His backpack is also Uniqlo, and his heeled ankle boots are from H&M. He is wearing a silver necklace, and he told us his accessories are from H&M and Monomania. However, his favorite place to shop remains Dog. Yuma’s favorite band is the British metalcore group Bring Me The Horizon and he gave us his Twitter handle, in case you want to look him up.

His friend Yoshiyuki (who we have snapped several times previously) is wearing an oversized sweater from H&M with Comme des Garcons pants. His clutch is American Apparel, and his boots are Dog. He accessorized with a black hat and told us that his favorite music is jazz.

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  1. WOOOW TOTALLY UNIQUE , both of them look awsome!!!!!

  2. Yuma’s outfit <3 Also digging his black layering of clothes… And I love DOG i wish i can afford a jacket or two from there ;A;

  3. the guy on the left has an AMAZING outfit, love it and would probably steal most of it if i could!

  4. everything’s great!! except those shoes… on both of them…

  5. Does anyone know what the guy on the left’s jumper is called? Or what season it’s from?? Is it H&m Love it!! ?