Harajuku Guy’s Red Hat & Comme des Garcons Homme Trench Coat

This cool Harajuku guy with a wide-brimmed red hat is Yamashita, a 23-year-old student. He’s wearing a trench coat from Comme des Garcons Homme and loose print pants from Tricot Comme des Garcons.

Accessories include a woven stole around his neck, a leather belt, a black ring and an interesting silver ring. Yamashita’s shoes are from Undercover and is bag is from Martin Margiela.

Yamashita told us that his favorite music is by the Japanese electronica group 99Letters, who he appears to contribute vocals to. You can follow the group on Twitter or see their videos on YouTube.

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  1. Ok this is getting addicting….. Love the scarf and the bag and the fact that he has really clean nails……