Harajuku Guy’s Red Sweatshirt, Ripped Pants & Tokyo Bopper Shoes

This cool blonde Japanese guy is Sori, a 19-year-old student. He’s wearing a red hooded sweatshirt from Champion over ripped black skinny jeans. His platform suede shoes are from Tokyo Bopper.

Sori’s accessories include a black hat, Ray-Ban sunglasses and a Casio Data Bank watch. His large backpack is from Mastermind Japan.

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  1. He’s really attractive and I like the contrast + simplicity of his outfit ^^
    His knees are scary though XD

  2. awesome outfit, with nice contrast.
    was this photo taken in the winter…
    ’cause those jeans look a bit cold.
    nice hair color too. suits him.

  3. nice contrasting colors; but the pants look too tattered, thin & threadbare, and if it’s winter, cold air can rush in through those knee holes & make him shiver!!!… brrr… lol (maybe he needs a pair of warmer jeans; poor guy!)

  4. agree with yusa, he’s cute but the way his pants fall around his knees makes it look like his legs are shaped funny 0_0)…

  5. Dreaded Queen

    I’m gonna make some cool cut off shorts. Wait maybe not. Poor thang