Harajuku Guy’s Silver Hair, Tasseled Banzai Bag & Sokkyou Zippered Top

This cool guy with silver hair is Kouhei, a 21-year-old student. He’s wearing a zippered top from Sokkyou under a leather jacket that’s embellished with metal studs and skulls. His unique white cross body bag with a chain and tassel handle is from Banzai and his buckled suede shoes are from Tokyo Bopper. Kouhei’s accessories include an ear plug and two silver earrings.

If you read Japanese you can follow Kouhei on Twitter.

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  1. bloodtrace

    very nice, the colours and the compo is great.

  2. I agree I like the top half too, maybe it’s the way he’s standing ? He has a mohawk I would like to see his bottom half a little more crazy….