Harajuku Guy’s Studded Sunglasses, April 77 Skinny Jeans & Louboutin Shoes

This cool guy with studded sunglasses is a 17-year-old student that we met in Harajuku. One of the first things we noticed were his spiked shoes, which he says are Christian Louboutins. He’s also wearing a turquoise mohair sweater from a resale shop and cuffed skinny jeans from April77. Accessories include a spiked wristband, an eye-catching wire ring and strands of silver chains tied around his neck. His black patent leather bag is from United Arrows.

We asked about his preferences and he told us his favorite brand is Raf Simons, favorite shop is Nid and favorite music is by Capsule.
April 77 Skinny Jeans & Louboutin Shoes in Harajuku

Resale mohair sweater & knotted chains in Harajuku

Guy with cool spiked sunglasses in Harajuku

United Arrows bag in Harajuku

Spiked wristband & wire ring in Harajuku

Spiked Christian Louboutin shoes in Harajuku

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  1. Desiree (@Snaphaantje)

    Everything in this outfit is just the way it should be. I really want that sweater. It looks cuddly!

  2. Annie May

    Would look less queeny without the transparency of the cardigan.

  3. I love his shoes!! They are so cool, I want to make a pair myself ♥

    xx maggie

  4. I’m in love with his freddy loafers *___________*

  5. woaah his style is so cool! everyone on here is so cool >[

  6. lol the little tuff of leg hair growing out of the bottom of his pants

  7. Dreaded Queen

    The thin straps on his tank and the cardigan take this past androgynous for me. I like the shades and jeans

  8. I would wear this and I’m a girl. This guy has style!

  9. Kinda like it. But the glasses are a bit.. overdone’ though..’