Harajuku Duo in h.NAOTO, Hyper Core, Toxic Star & Yosuke

We met Kyouka and Hina on the street in Harajuku.

Kyouka – with colored contacts and a face mask – is wearing a hoodie from Sixh over a top and skirt from the same brand. His tote bag is h.NAOTO and his heeled boots are Yosuke. His accessories are also from Sixh, including a necklace and keychain. Kyouka likes to shop at h.NAOTO, Sixh and Dark Red Rum, and he’s a Moi dix Mois fan. He is active on Twitter.

Hina – a 20-year-old model with purple and pink hair and glasses – is wearing a jacket, top and pants from Hyper Core. Her bag is Toxic Star and her heeled boots are Yosuke. She accessorized with a cross necklace and ring, which she bought in Okinawa. Hina’s favorite shop is Hyper Core and her favorite band is Metronome. Visit her Twitter for more details.

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  1. Those BOOTs weigh more than she does… ah, to be that young. Fashion comes at a cost $$$ and pain! lol ^_*