Harajuku Hairdresser Wearing Sun Sea, Hyu-Men, Neel & Adidas

Koichi is stylist at the Apish Rita salon. When we met him in Harajuku, he told us that he is 21 years old.

Koichi is wearing a Zara shirt with Sun Sea pants and a resale coat from Hyu-Men. His white backpack is Patagonia, his colorful sneakers are Adidas, and his minimal necklace is Neel.

Koichi told us his favorite place to shop is Sun Sea. He is active on Twitter and Facebook, if you want to follow him.

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  1. White on white – a good look :) Love the hint of color that the sneakers add :)

  2. I love the outfit, but the shoes don’t go with it. Even if he wanted color it would look better with a different type of shoe.