Harajuku Halloween Girls w/ Dripping Lips, Witch Hat, Cheongsam & Wicker Basket

We easily noticed these three friends on the street in Harajuku. They were all dressed up for Halloween, with matching lipstick that looked almost like blood. The girls were spooky as well as fashionable, so we decided to find out what they were wearing. We learned that they’re all the same age, 18, and all students.

You may remember Shizuka from a previous street snap. She is wearing a Chinese-inspired look, with twintails and a red and gold silk cheongsam dress, a plastic bracelet and spike earrings. Her silver Mary Janes are worn with white socks. Shizuka is on Twitter as @kome8121. She also told us that she’s into One OK Rock, Vocaloid and anisong, and that her favorite shop is Nadia.

Next off, to the right, we have Makabe. She is wearing a red maxi dress over a white shirt, which is a resale, with a plaid capelet on the shoulders, bought from Flamingo (the Harajuku resale shop). She adorned it with green plastic leaves, she is carrying a wicker basket from Ragla Magla and is wearing brown boots. For more on Makabe, check her Twitter, @ym9208.

Last, but not least, comes Ayaka. She looks witch-like in a black costume that she bought online paired with a pointed hat. She is wearing a discreet charm necklace which reads “yes”, bracelets from Pinnap and nail art with Halloween symbols like pumpkins and spiderwebs. She finished the look with white ruffle socks and a pair of rocking horse Tokyo Bopper shoes with crossed ankle straps.

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  1. Beautiful girls! The Chinese dress is my favourite, but the other costumes look great too, and the three girls are amazing together :D

  2. The girl dressed as a witch looks like Remy February. They are all quite handsome especially in the Chinese dress. I like the Kawaii girls like Doki Doki. Onagaishimasu.