Harajuku Duo in Hats w/ San to Nibun No Ichi, Kinji, HUG & Vivienne Westwood

We often see Sizuru and Mari around the streets of Harajuku – sometimes together and sometimes individually.

Sizuru – on the right in a burlap hat – is wearing a layered look from the Harajuku resale shop San to Nibun No Ichi with clogs. Accessories include his hat, a star earring, a Kinji Harajuku bag, and a Vivienne Westwood necklace. Sizuru’s favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood and he enjoys the music of both Yuki and Vovaloid. Find him on Twitter or Instagram.

Mari – on the right with a crushed denim hat by Hitchhike – is wearing layered tops from San to Nibun No Ichi and Lyserg along with colorful socks (or tights) and platform shoes from HUG Harajuku. Accessories include her denim hat, a ring, and a cute bag from Kinji Harajuku. Mari’s favorite shops/brands include Hug, Hitchhike, Cotton Candy, and Nozomi Ishiguro. She like the music of One Ok Rock, Kana-Boon, and Creepyhyp. Find her on Twitter or Instagram

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