Harajuku Girl in Hellcatpunks & Glad News w/ Biker Jacket, Leather Skirt & Ankle Boots

Moeka is a 14-year-old student and model – with short hair and round sunglasses – who we often see around Harajuku.

Moeka’s red biker jacket is from the Japanese fashion brand Hellcatpunks, while her sweatshirt, pleather skirt, studded backpack, and ankle boots are all from Glad News. Accessories include a Hellcatpunks studded choker, a Hypercore Harajuku wristband, ear cuffs, a bunny ring, black nail polish, and long socks.

Moeka’s favorite brand is Glad News. She likes the music of¬†Miwa and Sekai no Owari. Find out more about her from her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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